Create, Fill, and Launch Your Course Quickly and Easily

Let me walk you through every step of the creation and launch process.




What's the Big Idea?

What’s the Big Idea you are carrying around in your head?

You know, the one that will help so many other people? The one that will be your awesome online course? Yes, that one.

It’s easy to create ideas in our heads, isn’t it? It’s a bit harder to formulate that idea into something usable and brilliant.

Here’s a checklist I use when creating new online courses. It’s not writing out the modules, or figuring out what platform to use or how to record. It starts way before that…



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Passive income Strategies With Donna Ashton

What if running an online business could be flexible, profitable and simple enough even for a busy homeschooling mom?

What I did have was a passion and burning desire to make it work. And, it did! I created an amazing training website helping thousands of families all over the world with homeschooling programs and published my first book. And I learned a thing or two along the way about online business.

Working about 15 hours per week, I created about $45K by my second year.
I realized quickly that to work my business into my busy life, I had to leverage myself.
(I was homeschooling my girls)

I created online classes, workshops and programs that I could sell to many moms worldwide instead of time consuming one-to-one clients. Then, I repeated the process over and over with new programs, curriculum and telesummits.